Most Common and Notable Workplace Injuries Nationwide

Work injuries are a natural occurrence and can be sustained in any setting. It is a common misconception that work injuries occur in non-office settings. This is not true, however, as falls are the most common workplace injury and office workers are 2-2.5 more likely to suffer a disabling injury from a fall than non-office workers.

Falls are not the only work-related injury that occurs; there are many other causes. Some of the more common work injuries include:

  • Overexertion
  • Slips and Falls
  • Accidents Involving Heavy Objects or Equipment
  • Repetitive Motion Injuries

These injuries account for the larger percentage of work-related injuries.


Overexertion is the most common work injury; it is very easy to sustain. Just like when playing sports or working out, overexertion, occurs when you pull, push, lift, hold, or in general move heavy objects. According to the Liberty Mutual Group, overexertion was responsible for about 23% of total work-related injuries.

Overexertion can cause many kinds of injuries from the simplest and most minor strains and sprains all the way to bone breaks and fractures.

In fact, back injuries are the most common results of overexertion. They can occur when you pick up something that is too heavy or get up too quickly. If left untreated, back injuries can get worse and evolve from a simple strain to tears and slipped and ruptured discs.

Overall, injuries caused by overexertion cost employers around $14 billion per year in losses. It is nearly impossible to prevent these sorts of injuries, but they can be minimized or even prevented, to a certain degree, with the proper training.

Slips and Falls

While seemingly innocent and not too serious, slips and falls are a cause for a large percentage of work injuries. According to the Liberty Mutual Group, falls on the same level and to the lower levels account for about 27% of work-related injuries nationally, racking up around $12 billion in losses for employers.

Very similar to overexertion, slips, and falls are nearly impossible to prevent, but they can be prevented by taking caution while in the workplace. Here are some precautions that can help prevent such injuries:

  • Watch for spills
  • Avoid being close to holes and open ledges
  • Be alert when walking around the workplace

Workers in all occupations and settings are in danger of slipping or falling. Falls can result in fractures, breaks, concussions, and a number of other injuries.

Accidents Involving Heavy Objects or Equipment

Unlike the previous injuries, being involved in an accident involving heavy objects or equipment is most commonly related to and occurs on construction sites. While it can happen at the office it is very uncommon, in that setting.

Injuries related to such accidents, however, still account for a good amount of workplace injuries across the country, about 7.5% and cost employers about $4.5 billion.

Similarly to falls and overexertion, while not totally preventable taking the correct precautions at work can help prevent many of them. It is important to understand that work accidents will always happen and a good workplace protocol is a very useful in preventing them.

Construction companies should have safety guidelines in place. It is extremely important to always be aware of your surroundings, especially on a construction site.

Some simple ways to help prevent these injuries are to always look around and pay attention. Injuries related to heavy objects have the potential to be much more serious and even fatal than other kinds of work injuries.

Repetitive Motion Injuries

Repetitive motion injuries occur when you perform the same tasks every day for a long period of time. One of the most common examples of a repetitive motion injury is carpal tunnel syndrome. This injury usually affects people who do a lot of work on the computer and are constantly typing.

Tendinitis is another common example. Tendinitis is usually pretty minor, resulting in minor stiffness or pain. However, if not cared for, this injury can become very severe and can potentially lead to tendon tears or even permanent damage to the joints.

If the work you do is based on a lot of repetitive motions, these can be the result. It is very highly recommended you take a small break each hour from the repetitive motion. A short rest can go a long way.

These types of injuries account for nearly 3% of the national total for work-related injuries and cost employers nearly $2 billion.

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Appealing for Workers’ Compensation in New Jersey

A workplace is supposed to offer maximum comfort. An employer should take into account the safety of their employees, their well-being, and satisfaction. After all, it is things like these that offer the most productive results from the employees, while keeping them happy. It is a win-win situation.

Unfortunately, things are not that simple in the corporate world. A majority of the companies are spiraled into a mess that has brought the efficiency of both the company and the employees down. For workers’ compensation in New Jersey, employees have occasionally been found complaining about their employers not offering them benefits despite an injury caused at the workplace.

Why Is It Important?

Workers’ compensation benefits is a program that makes employers pay for your medical expenses in case you get injured while doing a work-related activity. It offers many benefits to the employees. Some of the key advantages are the following:

Medical Expenses

The foremost advantage of the program is that you don’t have to pay a dime if you are injured at work or while doing something related to your job. A lot of people think that this covers augmented expenses as well. However, the employer is only entitled to pay for the core medical expenses that are necessary for treatment.

This may include anything from visiting a doctor to undergoing a therapy for a longer period of time. Unlike popular belief, it is not actually the employer paying every penny out of its pocket. In the Workers’ Compensation, your employer is in a contract with an insurance company that is essentially paying for your treatment.


If the injury caused by the workplace results in a short-term disability that impedes you from working, you will be covered for all the wages lost up till the point you are able to get back on the job. As per the law of New Jersey, you get 70% of your income with a maximum weekly limit of $896.

On the other hand, in case a permanent disability occurs due to the accident, you are compensated according to the schedule of injuries set for New Jersey. This schedule decides the total amount of benefits that you will get based on the intensity and area (body part) of injury. This schedule also enlists the time period for which you will be compensated by these benefits.

Making an Appeal

In New Jersey, if an employer denies you Workers’ Compensation benefits, you have the right to make a legal claim. New Jersey handles these claims with either a formal hearing or an informal one. In the case of the former, you will be required to file the claim within two years of the last date you received a certain benefit from your employer, or prior to the completion of this two-year period from your injury.

A hearing will take place which will take into account the evidence you have to prove that the employer has not given you your rights. It will be similar to a trial.

On the other hand, an informal appeal takes you to an informal hearing. Both parties will present their cases to an official judge, and taking into account all the evidence, the judge will give his/her decision. However, since the hearing is informal, both parties have the authority to reject the recommendation made. This normally leads to a formal hearing.

When Will Your Case Be Denied?

Just because you have made a claim against your employer doesn’t guarantee getting your workers’ compensation rights in New Jersey. The chances of this happening are especially high if your employer pleads their case with a professional lawyer. This is usually why it is recommended that you hire a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer in order to win your claim.

Following are certain circumstances when your claim could be rejected straight away.

  • According to the New Jersey state law, if you don’t file a claim within ninety days of your injury, you will lose your right of claiming the benefits altogether.
  • You will lose your claim if your employer proves in the hearing that the injury was not related to your job in any way. This usually happens in the case of not having a legal representation at your back.
  • In New Jersey, if you acquire medical treatment with a doctor of your own choice, you will lose the right to claim your Workers’ Compensation benefits. Your employer’s insurance agency or the employer itself will recommend the doctor for the treatment of your injury.

Other Alternatives of Settlement

If you or your employer want to avoid the legal issues, there is an alternative. However, there are little to no cases in New Jersey where such off-court settlements work. The reason is that employers are often found guilty and try avoiding the court by offering you a settlement offer. However, if you have a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer for assistance, you will have a clear picture of the benefits your employer owes you as opposed to the ones he or she is settling the matter for.

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Hiring an Attorney

Workers’ Compensation Appeals in New Jersey can be very complicated. If yourself or someone you know has been injured on the job and your workplace is failing to take responsibility, you’re not alone. Here a Goldberg and Wolf, we are proud to serve Cherry Hill and the surrounding areas. If you or a loved one needs help in fighting to get what you deserve, contact us or call 865-651-1600.

What to do After Suffering a Work-Related Injury in New Jersey

If you ever suffer a work-related injury in New Jersey, you should immediately report the injury to your employer and seek appropriate medical attention as soon as possible, not only can not seeking medical attention hinder your claim but it can also worsen your injury. It does not matter what your profession is work injuries can occur in all environments, even in an office setting.

New Jersey Workers’ Compensation law provides paid medical treatment, temporary disability, wage loss benefits, permanent disability benefits and death benefits. All of these are available to employees who have suffered injuries at work. Permanent disability compensation is usually for individuals who have suffered a job-related illness or are deemed to be permanently disabled as a result of their injury.

It is important to note that you qualify for only the benefits that are deemed appropriate to your situation.

The actions listed above are not the only actions that you need to take; there are other things you can do that will help.  It is important to do the rights things so that your claim is not hindered or denied simply because you did not follow the rules. Here are important things that you need to do:

  • Notify your employer as soon as possible.
  • Do not give a sworn or recorded
  • Seek immediate medical attention.
  • Do not pretend you are not hurt.

Notify Your Employer As Soon As Possible

This is important because if you do not notify your employer in a timely fashion, this includes filing an incident report. Typically, your employer will/should file a claim within 24 hours of finding. Then a claims examiner will come to interview you, your employer and witnesses, and review you claim. It is important to act quickly, so that you can begin to receive the benefits you deserve as soon as possible.

Do Not Give a Sworn or Recorded Testimony

This may seem harmless, but it is not. All and any evidence can be used against you in court. Remember, even though workers’ compensation does not come directly from your employer’s pocket, it works like an insurance policy. Insurance carriers never want to payout money unless they have to. Employers are not too happy about successful claims because their insurance premiums go up. Really the only people on side are the good attorneys at Goldberg & Wolf.

Seek Immediate Medical Attention

If you were injured at work, you may want to hold off on receiving medical treatment and hope you get better. THIS IS A MISTAKE!!! Not only will not getting prompt medical treatment hurt your claim but more important it may also result in a worsening of your injury.

A work injury just like any other injury can potentially get worse if left untreated. A minor injury can progress to a much more severe injury or even death! It is important to protect not only your health but also your potential claim. Seek medical help as soon as possible!

Do Not Pretend You Are Not Hurt 

Sometimes you may want to pretend that you are not hurt but it is a mistake, it can hinder not only your claim but also your health. Here are a few common reasons why people may pretend to not be hurt:

  • You may feel bad about hurting the employer financially.
  • You may be embarrassed about being injured or admitting that it occurred.
  • Fear of what will happen, will your employment be put at risk?

It is important to understand that you have nothing to worry about, your employer cannot retaliate against you for pursuing a workers’ compensation claim. As mentioned above, you do not have to feel bad about potentially harming your employer’s financial assets. Workers’ compensation exists to protect you, the injured employee and works like an insurance policy.

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New Jersey Workers’ Compensation law is complicated and can get very overwhelming very quickly. If you or a loved got injured at work, remember to follow these simple steps to help ensure your claim but also, more importantly, your health! Here a Goldberg and Wolf, we are proud to serve Cherry Hill and the surrounding areas. If you have any questions or need assistance with a claim, contact us or call 865-651-1600.