Construction Site Injuries: Workers’ Compensation from Losing a Limb

Workers’ Compensation for Loss of Limb from a Construction Site Injury


We know that injuries on construction sites can have severe consequences. If you lose a limb at a construction site, your life can be severely impacted. We will take a look at some aspects of construction site injuries and how an experienced workers’ compensation attorney can help you.


The Real Dangers of Construction Sites

Working in hazardous zones such as construction sites or demolition zones can sometimes be unsafe if practices are not followed correctly. Accidents happen, but when they happen when you are at work, the consequences can be life-altering. Falls, electrical shocks, or injuries from vehicles can cause severe injuries or even the loss of a limb.

Sometimes, workers’ compensation injuries can cause the amputation of a limb. Whatever the case may be, these kinds of incidents can be particularly challenging in that they will change the course of someone’s life that they know.


Changes to Your Career Path

If you lose a limb while on the job, you may need to change your career path.  The loss of a limb may mean that you need to modify the way of your career. You may have to leave the construction and industrial field entirely. This may be a costly process because you might have to change your degree, receive more training, or other shifts in your career.


How it Affects your Personal Life

A workers’ compensation injury, such as losing a limb, will have a significant impact on not only your career path but also your daily life. Everyday tasks may be more difficult now after the loss of a limb. This can be a tough time in your life.


Legal Damages for Your Injuries

Workers’ Compensation will help you cover the cost of rehabilitation fees, medicals bills, and lost wages from not working. Having a workers’ compensation attorney will also help you put the negligence on the opposite party, which can help others not have to go through what you have endured.


Workers’ Compensation

When you got through the process to file workers’ compensation, there may be a chance that you could be denied the benefits that you deserve. This can be very frustrating and unfair for both you and your family after the injury you endured.


If you are having trouble with your claim, an experienced workers’ compensation attorney will help you receive the benefits you deserve. We can fully access your case and guide you throughout the whole process.


In New Jersey, Workers’ Compensation is a big facet. If you are hurt at work in New Jersey, notify your employer immediately. The notice of the claim should be given directly to your supervisor to make sure it does not get lost.


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