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While our website provides information as to what is workers’ compensation and how we can help you, this is not the same as talking to one of our experienced attorneys in person. The best way to get the most accurate advice on the legal questions you have, is to schedule a meeting with one of our lawyers. Goldberg and Wolf are always ready to hear out your case and provide you with the above average legal advice that you are seeking. Please fill out the information below to schedule a meeting or call us at (856)-651-1600.

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Bethany Anderson Reviews Goldberg & Wolf, LLC

New Jersey Workers’ Compensation Lawyers

Goldberg & Wolf - 5 star workers compensation lawyers

In such a stressful time in my life, the attorneys at Goldberg and Wolf made my life a little bit simpler. They handled my case with such ease, giving me the time I needed to get better from my workplace injury. Such a helpful team!