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Being injured at work is stressful enough without having to worry about the costs of healthcare, the security of your job and lost wages. You deserve the proper respect, care and monetary compensation required by New Jersey State Law without having to navigate the complex and confusing judicial system.

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Workers’ Compensation

If you have experienced an accident at work, sustained an injury on-the-job, or contracted an illness related to your profession, workers’ compensation is a �?no-fault’ insurance system that can provide medical treatment and financial assistance. People hurt on the job in the state of New Jersey are legally entitled to receive medical treatment, partial total disability benefits, permanent partial total disability benefits and total disability benefits in accordance to New Jersey state law. If you’ve been injured at work, you may qualify for a range of benefits and compensation. A work injury lawyer can teach you how to file a Workers’ Compensation Claim today.

Types of Work Injuries

Injuries workers obtain while on the job can range from minor ones that heal quickly to far more serious trauma that may have a major or catastrophic impact on a worker’s entire lifestyle.

Some common work-related injury cases that Goldberg & Wolf have easily won for their clients include: back and neck injuries, foot and ankle injuries, knee injuries, bone injuries, repetitive motion injuries, head injuries, strokes, office accidents, brain trauma, construction accidents, pre-existing conditions, loss of limb, strokes, and wrongful death.

Who We Represent

Founded in 1992, the law offices of Goldberg & Wolf have extensive experience handling work-related injury claims and protecting the rights of injured workers. Based in Cherry Hill, NJ, we offer immediate legal representation to those who contact us throughout Southern New Jersey and Philadelphia. The depth of experience obtained from more than 25 years of winning work-related injury claims across covers a diverse range of industries – including medical workers, construction workers, pharmaceutical workers and car accidents on the job. Our workers’ compensation attorneys fight for and win the compensation required by law for every client that has experienced an injury on the job.


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Free Consultation: The work injury lawyers at Goldberg & Wolf, in Cherry Hill, NJ, have compassion for your plight and real courtroom litigation experience needed to tell your story to the jury and win your case. We take the time to get to know your story, your family, and your needs so that we can help the jury fully comprehend what happened to you and how your life has been affected by your work-related injury.

After leaving Jordan’s office with my wife, Vic, she had a firm belief that Jordan personally cared what she was going through and that he would do everything in his power for justice. My wife never trusted another man after what happened, but she always felt safe and confident in Jordan. I want the team to know from my heart and Vic’s how thankful we are for your hard work fighting our case for us. I know Vic is smiling down saying “I told you Jordan was the best”. Thank you for representing us in such a professional manner.
Barry McCrory
Jordan was great when he came to interview me and Warren is always very kind when we speak on the phone. Jordan has addressed any concerns or questions I may have had.
Mark Snyder
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