NJ Construction Workers Often Suffer Back-Related Work Injuries

New Jersey Construction Workers Often Suffer Back-Related Work Injuries


Construction workers are vulnerable to work-related back injuries. Working at construction sites is a physically taxing job, that is a known fact. It involves a lot of heavy lifting, lugging big loads, bending at awkward angles and also involves the risk of falling from heights. For construction workers; this implies a constant threat of getting hurt on the job.


Injuries to the spinal cord or back muscles can hinder a worker’s movement. So, it wouldn’t be wrong to assume that a back-related work injury could put a worker out of action at least for some time.


There could be a number of reasons for back injuries taking place at construction sites.


  • Repeated stress injuries happen if a repeated movement puts a strain on the back. For instance, bending at an abnormal angle on a regular basis over a period of time can leave a worker’s back susceptible to injury.


  • Spraining back muscles can also result in an injury, and this is pretty common. For example, a worker could get hurt while twisting the back and carrying a heavy load at the same time.


  • Workers could also hurt their backs due to a fall or collision with a heavy object.


Back injuries are not always immediately apparent. If the work injury is due to a fall or an accident which results in back pain or any other back-related symptom, the association between the two events can be made right away. However, there are times when the association is not as clear.


A worker who maintains improper posture while carrying out his duties or work-related activity is more likely to suffer a back injury if the action continues for many days at a stretch. Or a worker who needs to push, pull, or carry heavy loads on a regular basis could also sustain a back injury that might not be visible immediately. In such cases, the injury will manifest itself after a period of time, usually in the form of pain or stiffness in the back.

As soon as a worker gets the feeling that the back might be injured, he or she should consult a doctor. In most cases, the doctor will advise the patient to undergo scans of the back like an MRI or X-Ray to determine the type of injury as well as its severity.


Treatment of back injuries varies based on the type and extent of the injury. Depending on the severity of the injury, the worker might be advised active rest of back muscles by refraining from strenuous activities. In some cases, complete bed rest might be advised as well.


Treatment for back injuries usually involves physiotherapy, strengthening exercises, or sessions with a chiropractor. The doctor might prescribe pain-relieving medication if necessary. In some severe cases, surgery could be the only solution.


The pain from back injuries can be quite intense, but timely treatment can help resolve the issues. Scans to determine the extent of damage and a particular line of treatments can be quite expensive, though. Injured workers who are advised to rest will also end up missing work. Workers are entitled to receive workers’ compensation to cover the expenses incurred from a work-related injury.


Workers who get hurt on the job should consult with a work injury attorney to understand their rights and ways to file a compensation claim. Construction workers in New Jersey who sustain work injuries can get compensation benefits which could cover their medical costs entirely. Discussing your case with an experienced attorney will help you figure out the way ahead.

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