Worker’s Compensation for the Most Common Workplace Injuries

Most Common Workplace Injuries

Serious work injuries or getting hurt at work have become very common nowadays. There are numerous accidents that keep occurring more often these days across all professions. Even though the type of injury may vary from industry to industry but the resulting effects are almost the same.

According to HSE, 137 workers in the UK were killed at work due to fatal injuries in 2016/17. According to BLS, a total of 4,836 workers died in the U.S. from work-related injuries in 2015. Approximately, 20% of workers who died of work injuries were employed in the construction industry owned privately.

A workplace can be extremely hazardous and it is important that the employers and employees take proper caution to keep it safe. Here is the list of most common workplace injuries shared by prominent Insurance Companies across the country leading to workers’ compensation:

Overexertion Injuries– You may get hurt at work if you are involved in lifting, pulling, pushing, carrying, holding or throwing activities resulting in overexertion. Repetitive work can cause wrist injuries and carpal tunnel syndrome, which are one of the most common workplace injuries today.

Slipping/Tripping – The worker may fall due to wet and slippery floors or may trip over some object lying on the floor. The workplace must have safety guidelines and proper signage mentioning ‘danger’/ “caution”/”wet floor etc. to warn employees. Floors must be cleaned of grease, debris that might otherwise result in slips, to ensure workplace safety.

Falling from Heights – You may get injured if you accidentally fall from a ladder, the roof, or the stairway.  This may occur due to a slippery surface, or because of a faulty equipment. The Employer must provide periodic training and personal protection gear to the employees. Pieces of equipment must be checked regularly and faulty ones must be repaired on time or replaced.

Reaction Injuries – Slipping and tripping are the main cause of reaction injuries resulting in wrist or muscle injuries, body trauma, and other medical issues. Being alert and heeding the cautionary signs could help prevent these kinds of injuries.

Falling Object Injuries – This type of injury may occur due to some objects falling off of shelves or accidentally dropped by another worker resulting in head injuries. Employees must be alert and cautious while handling objects. Proper personal protection gear like hard hats must be provided to the workers while working and should be made mandatory to wear. The employer must also inspect the workplace regularly and keep it free from hazards.

Walking Into Injuries – A worker may accidentally run into a chair, table, glass windows, cabinets, doors, walls, etc. resulting in head, foot, neck or knee injuries. Employees must be cautious while moving and the employer must provide hazard-free workplace for preventing such accidents.

Vehicle Accidents – Drivers driving company vehicles may get injured in accidents. The employer must implement safe driving policies and drivers must also be mindful while driving in order to prevent such accidents.

Repetitive Motion Injuries – Though less obvious, this type of workplace injury is extremely harmful in the long run. Continuous typing and using the computer most of the time may strain your muscles and tendons resulting in carpal tunnel syndrome, insomnia, depression, vision problems and back pain. Use of ergonomic seating and maintaining a work-life balance can significantly lower occurrence of such injuries.

On the Job violent Acts – A quarrel sparked off by office politics or other arguments may lead to serious work injuries. Proper training on Implementation of a code of conduct can help regulate such injuries.

Workplace injuries are lot only hazardous and life-threatening for the workers but it is also a blemish for the organization. Thus, the employer must ensure that the work environment is safe for the employees; and employees must also use caution at the workplace for avoiding workplace accident. In the event of a workplace, consulting with a trusted work injury attorney tends to be beneficial.

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